Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What if . . .? a collective list by Tuesday Morning Writers

Here is another "What if …?" list — created just a few hours ago in the Tuesday Morning Writing Circle.

What if peanut butter glued your mouth shut?

What if there were two Fridays in every week?

What if I actually had boundaries?

What if I climb that huge sycamore tree?

What if I never eat the crust, will I still have curly hair?

What if I got a puppy so my dog Daisy could lick it all day long?

What if we entered the "Amazing Race"?

What if I had a giraffe for a pet?

What if my brother and I could return to the closeness we used to share?

What if it snows this week and I actually need my snow tires?

What if I skipped rope all the way to school?

What if I write in pencil, will it last forever?

What if I could remember the plot of every book I ever read?

What if I could carry a tune?

What if I were not such a nudnik?

What if I can't write anything new?

What if we have to move from our current home?

What if I learned to take naps?

What if my dog finally learned how to obey?

What if the blue heron stayed by the pond?

What if my garden were weed-free?

What if I died my hair red?

What if I always knew exactly the right thing to say in any given situation?

What if I get my period again, when I turn 80?

What if my barrettes don't match?

What if I could just find my own voice and it turns out to be beautiful?

What if I'd been smart and made a drawing of where we put all our plants when we moved the garden — would I know what's coming up?

What if I moved to a place where no one knows me?

What if a meteor hits my house in the night, sending us all to the stars?

What if there were only one kind of salad dressing to choose?

What if we all stood up in the middle of a boring sermon, speech, movie, or lecture, and shouted "It's time to dance!"?

What if, when I wake in the middle of the night, often more than once, I could simple count "1, 2, 3" and fall back to sleep before even reaching the number 4.

What if I run with my eyes closed?

What if I remember to do one small creative thing each day?


Gabrielle Vehar
Grace Celeste
Linda Keeler
Marty Blue Waters
Nina Miller
Sara Robbins
Sue Norvell
Zee Zahava

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