Monday, April 20, 2015

What if . . .? a collective list by Monday Afternoon Writers

Last week I posted a "What if …?" list compiled by members of the Thursday Morning Writing Circle. Today I'm sharing a collective list created today by some of the members of the Monday Afternoon Circle. 

What if crows hadn't influenced my life?

What if computers really were friendly?

What if they made Joan of Arc dolls instead of Barbie dolls?

What if I'd never found that mysterious stone that granted my every wish?

What if I hadn't been the first born?

What if I had married a different man; had more than one child?

What if my grandmother had finally shared her molasses cookie recipe with me, something I had longed for all my young life?

What if I could remember all the names of the wildflowers that grew in the woods next to our house?

What if all things were equal?

What if I were taller?

What if I said "no" more often?

What if we live long enough to discover that drinking Diet Coke makes you more sincere?

What if my cats could tell me what they think?

What if I had been allowed to express anger when I was a child?

What if old age didn't end in death?

What if I never felt sad?

What if we all offered words of praise and encouragement to each other, instead of criticism and hatred, starting in infancy?

What if we settled territorial disputes as birds do, by out-singing our rivals?

What if men always behaved well?

What if I always spoke the truth?

What if I had nothing to worry about?

What if I had things to worry about, but I just stopped worrying?

What if I had learned how to use my father's chainsaw?

What if I had learned to jump Double Dutch in the third grade instead of taking two years to master it?

What if every stranger I meet becomes a friend?

What if I had to choose the loss of one of my senses; which would it be?

What if I had been born a platinum blonde?

What if the sky was yellow at night and purple in the day?

What if we could tell time accurately without needing any sort of timepiece?

What if horses had their own bank accounts and could sign checks with a hoof print?

What if all people had access to equal health care — (really)?

What if I never dreamt of my father again?

What if for one day there was no war anywhere in the world?

What if my memory got stronger each day instead of weaker?

What if we stopped judging each other and accepted differences with joy and admiration?

What if it isn't all about me?

Deirdre Silverman
Donna DiCostanzo
Leslie Howe
Nancy Gabriel
Nancy Osborn
Rainbow Crow
Zee Zahava

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