Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Friends Sharing: a collective list

Earlier today five women friends got together to sit quietly and just breathe; munch on delicious home-baked goods; and share bits and pieces of our lives. In the last few minutes we wrote individual lists of true statements and here they are, combined into one collective mish-mash list by: 
B. Brazill, Blue Waters, M. Young, Sharon K. Yntema, Zee Zahava. 

I'm not sure why I sometimes like to walk downstairs backwards, just for fun, but maybe it's because it always shocked my mom when I did this as a child.

I intended to stay in love forever, before I learned that nothing lasts forever — because time is a restless partner.

Once I had no energy and thought I was depressed, but it was just that my thyroid had stopped working.

I remember when summer days seemed endless, and I rode my new blue Schwinn bicycle around the block again and again.

I used to be afraid of so many things, especially the night sky, because I had no faith that a star wouldn't fall down and bonk me on the head.

I cursed my mother and never got to apologize until she was dying, and she forgave me.

When I was a kid I made it a point to take a minute to talk to any brave little flower that dared to bloom in the crack of a dirty sidewalk.

I always hoped that when I grew up I would find my people.

Once I didn't have any interest in the natural world outside; I thought weeding was a punishment.

I still think it is a miracle that I ended up living beyond the age of 30.

I used to think I would be happiest being alone all the time.

I traveled in a converted school bus across the miles of America, wondering where I would end up.

I thought everyone saw faces in the trees and clouds.

I imagined myself tall and thin but when I got in front of a "funny" mirror that made me appear that way I didn't like myself at all.

I used to keep a secret, rather obsessive journal, but now I'm so public about sharing every single detail of my life, even with people I don't know. 

I had beautiful gardens with lots of worms that I sat and watched for hours, and was reminded of those childhood days when I filled my pockets with worms so they would be safe.

When I was younger I didn't have to think about posture when I was reading a book, I was just comfortable in any position.

I never connected to my name so I changed it and then I felt more like myself.

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